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January 2009  
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Hinduja Starts a New Treatment for Prostrate Cancer

Hinduja Hospital is starting a new way of treatment for prostate cancer. The technology known as prostrate brachytherapy or seed implant that they have introduced is fairly popular in the US and European countries. This technology is available for the first time in India at Hinduja Hospital. Many deserving candidates go to the US or Europe for this treatment. In India, patients with prostate cancer are treated with radiotherapy in which patient needs to undergo for 7 to 10 sets of the radiotherapy. The problem that was faced in this treatment was that radiotherapy also affected the other organs nearby the tumour area. The hospital has invested about Rs 55 lakh for the new technology which will help the patient to recover fast at lesser cost. Only one-time radiation from inside will be needed for the treatment. Incidence of urban cancer has increased over the past decade, reaching 150/ 1,00,000. "Incidence of prostate cancer among men has been on the rise in Mumbai (9/ 1,00,000) and as per many cancer registries it is sixth in incidence rate. This may be due to the increase in longevity among the population, increased awareness and the early detection with PSA testing. A number of treatment options are now available, which include watchful waiting, radical prostatectomy, external beam irradiation and brachytherapy. Of all these modalities, brachytherapy seems to be very promising for localised prostate cancer in terms of local control, patient convenience, morbidity and cost-effectiveness," explained Dr Subir Nag from Kaiser Permanente, California, USA. Prostate brachytherapy involves the technique of implanting discrete radiation source either permanently or temporarily in the prostate. Both techniques are used either in conjunction with external beam radiotherapy or as mono-therapy.

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