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Disease Management

Jaslok Hospital Announces Stem Cell Treatment for PD

Also announces launch of a new website and a new drug to cure the disease

Actress Dimple Kapadia with the neurology team of Jaslok

On World Parkinson's Day, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai announced the launch of a revolutionary Mesenchymal stem cell project along with Reliance Life Sciences to treat Parkinson's Disease (PD). A new drug delivery system— Duodopa to manage PD with Continuous Dopaminergic Stimulation was also announced.

A website www.parkinsonsgroup.com was also launched for PD patients and caregivers by actress Dimple Kapadia. Several patients and their caregivers were also present to narrate their experiences in living with and dealing with PD.

Said Dr Paresh Doshi, HOD, Department of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Jaslok Hospital, "This path breaking project will be a benchmark in the field of neurology. We will explore the use of Mesenchymal stem cells for the cure of the disease. The cells found in the patient's own bone marrow will be taken to Reliance Life Sciences laboratory, which has one of the highest standards and technique to process these cells. Here they will be isolated, multiplied and induced towards neuronal differentiation. At each stage of their maturity, they will be screened for any damage or abnormality. Once they reach a certain number they will be shipped back to us, where we will implant them in the patients using stereotactic techniques. As the cells are from the patient's own bone marrow there is no potential of rejection and side effects are also negated as they can multiply only for a limited time."

He added, "The project will be different from others because of the unique techniques that we will be using on human trials. These techniques are based on extensive animal experiments which have yielded positive results. Other similar trials have been unsuccessful due to methodical issues. This project has undergone the intense scientific and ethics committee review, and will be undertaken with highest levels of safety."

Said Dr Noshir H Wadia, Director, Department of Neurosciences, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, "With all these path-breaking initiatives, Jaslok Hospital has now emerged as the final destination for all PD patients."

The new drug called Duodapa for the treatment of motor fluctuations comprises a concentrated levodopa/carbidopa (drug) gel formulation that is administered into the small intestine via a tube through an external pump. As the infusion is continuous, patients carry the pump with them all the time and can avoid motor fluctuations.

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