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May 2011  
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Translumina Therapeutics Launches New Drug Eluting Stent

YUKON Choice PC uses a patent technology which makes it more safer for patients in the long run

Translumina Therapeutics, a joint collaboration between one of the fastest growing Indian medical device company Advance Therapeutics with German Heart Centre and Translumina GmbH announced the launch of YUKON CHOICE PC, the first European Drug Eluting Stent which shall be manufactured in India for the treatment of coronary artery disease.

Currently, Indian patients have a choice of importing medicated stents which are available at a price between Rs 90,000-1,00,000 depending on extent of studies carried out to prove its efficacy or safety.

Translumina Therapeutics shall provide Indian patients with a latest drug eluting stent technology which is proven in large clinical trials in Europe as equal or better than the costly imported medicated stents. These stents will also be available at much affordable price. Moreover, YUKON Choice PC also uses a patent technology of German Heart Centre, Munich which makes it more safer for patients in the long run.

On the occasion, Gurmit Singh Chugh, MD, Translumina Therapeutics said,“It is a breakthrough development that could drastically reduce the cost of treatment by making Yukon choice PC more affordable for Indian patients. It is the first time ever that a drug eluting stent is being manufactured in India for the global markets. As in other fields, companies in west are taking note of the expertise available in India and are potentially exploring the possibility of taking advantage of low overheads.”

“The economical price shall also means high volumes as more patients shall be able to afford Angioplasty and these medicated stents become economical .If you see at the end, it is a win-win situation for us and the patients” he further added.

Dr Julianda Mehili, Professor of Cardiology, German Heart Centre said, “It is a significant landmark for Indian physicians and patients as they will get the best technology at low prices .Yukon Choice PC, with its unique microporous surface and biodegradable polymer releasing Sirolimus, is widely expected to improve the standard of care for many patients with coronary artery disease. We have done large scale trials to prove that this medicated stent is equal or marginally better than the currently premium products from the US based companies.”

This collaboration is the first effort in the world where a world class hospital and two companies, one providing the technical and engineering support and other the manufacturing expertise, have come together to create a futuristic company to bring new technology at affordable cost.

Dr Siegfried Einhellig, Chairman, Translumina GmbH, Germany said, “We are very pleased to unveil our European drug eluting stent. Like China, I am sure that need of the hour is a good Indian product which is proven, accessible and economical and with YUKON Choice PC, we feel we are coming to the Indian market at just the right time. Drug Eluting Stents are becoming polymer free in three months which means, c ardiologists can treat variety of cases thus affording more patients with the opportunity to benefit from this innovative technology"

The product shall be available from he first week of May in Indian markets and shall be ready for global launch as soon the CE mark is received. YUKON Choice PC is the first endeavour from this cooperation. The company plans to launch more innovative products like drug eluting balloons, sheathless guiding catheters, guidewires and other consumables in this field of interventional cardiology.

EH News Bureau


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