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Allengers: A name to reckon with

The company has recently come up with a wide range of specialised products in varied categories

Allengers, an Indian multinational company based at Chandigarh since its inception in 1987 has been an innovative force not only in the field of radiology but also has a wide range of medical equipment in the field of cardiology, orthopaedic, urology, neurology, gastroenterology, etc.

The company’s product range includes: X-Ray machines (HF/LF),C-Arms(HF/LF),Cathlabs (Mobile/Fixed), Lithotripter, Mammography, DSA Systems, DR Systems, Remote controlled RF table, OPG, TMT, ECG, Monitors, EEG, EMG, and PSG. It also expands to hospital softwares such as HMS and PACS. Till date, Allengers has exceeded their installation base to more than 21,000 and are exporting their products to 70 countries. With around 25 years experience in the industry the company takes pride on its professional services, quality installations and customer satisfaction. Having installations at premier institutes/corporate hospitals like Wellspring, Fortis, Mallya, Apollo, PGI, Vatsalya, Narayan Hrudayalaya, Yashodha, Rockland, GNRC, Down Town, Aditya, BL Kapur, AIIMS, Mahajan Imaging,etc., itself proves that the company stand for ‘Quality and Commitment.’

As such Allengers an independent and highly specialised medical device manufacturer is not only focused on developing need of the hour medical equipment but also focused on providing value for money equipment. As a think tank the company processes technical knowledge into new medical products and solutions for users and patients.

Celebrating their silver jubilee by virtue of their quality and services the company has grown to be a major Indian MNC and has added another feather to its cap by being honoured with the prestigious National Award-MSME in recognition of ‘Outstanding Performance In Entrepreneurship’ engaged in manufacturing. This award was conferred by the President of India and Minister for MSME in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on September 2, 2011.

Allengers’ dedication to deliver better than the best has also been rewarded in the form of prestigious ‘Century International Quality Era Award’ in the realm of customer satisfaction, leadership, strategic planning and benchmarking as established in QC 100 TQM Systems in the Gold Category at Geneva, Switzerland.

The company has recently been bestowed with the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) award. This award was conferred for their export performance for two consecutive years 2009-10 and 2010-11 under category: “Star Performers in Product Group for 2009-10 and 2010-11 (Silver Shield), Medical and Surgical equipment and orthopaedic appliances, Medium Enterprises”. The award function was presided over the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab and Minister of Revenue and Rehabilitation, Punjab on September 28, 2012.

Allengers’ C- arm Allengers’ Full field digital Mammography Allengers’ MOBILE DR ( RollX DR )

Allengers’ DR systems

Allengers’ Digital Radiography systems, based upon its technology allows for a streamlining of work flow and greater flexibility. Allengers had launched Digital Radiography system, namely the digital mobile radiography system ( MobilX DR) which has proven to be very instrumental in streamlining of work flow. This machine is loaded with unique features that can be easily moved through compact elevators due to its compact design and weight. Allengers MobilX DR which is battery operated has a storage capacity of 50,000 images. Telescopic Radiogenic tube has vertical movement along its stand and as well has horizontal movement in all directions which helps in positioning of tube head near bedside for X-rays. Besides this it has 1” movement switch for fine controlling which further helps positioning of the machine. Due to its wireless (Wi-Fi) digital radiography function it has wide applications in trauma, ICU, general wards, paediatrics and neonatal departments.

Allengers has installed seven of these unique machines at Advanced Trauma Centre and Advanced Pediatric Centre in PGIMER- Chandigarh. The machine not only saves time, but also helps in managing heavy work flow and has ability to be synchronised with their existing hospital network. As per the specialists at PGIMER these stand-alone imaging solutions are bringing digital x-ray imaging directly at the patients bed side- where it’s most needed.

The special advantages linked to the MobilX DR being:

  • 50 to 85 per cent reduction in patient exposure.
  • Increased patient throughput.
  • Flexibility in image manipulation.
  • Accurate and superior image capture.
  • Solving throughput by fast action.
  • Faster and better medical evaluation.
  • Faster treatment time during trauma, paediatric and neonatal cases.
  • Faster treatment evaluation even at patients bed-side.

As the technology continues developing, Allengers will be eager to adopt and pass on technological benefits to its customers. Although DR’s growth today is slow but would eventually pick up in the coming years. This would be due to its advantages of reduced radiation dose, improved image quality and productivity. Quick capture of high resolution images and the procedure to view them immediately is critical and of utmost importance to patient care.

The use of digital technology in diagnostic medical imaging is rapidly expanding. All medical facilities which aim to streamline work flow should only aim towards having a DR, in order to encounter the increased challenges in the future as images through a DR would be increasingly and quickly managed through PACS. Also, DR definitely has an advantage over the CR due to its reliability to handle larger patient load by greater ease of use and elimination of cassettes.

Another imaging modality of Allengers is mammography which has gained immense awareness. Having installed mammography machines at different medical facilities at the national and international levels has prompted Allengers to develop digital mammography. Its uniqueness being that it provides for a better breast image especially when it comes to dense breasts. International statistics have shown a significant reduction in mortality (between 19 and 32 per cent ) in screened women compared with women who were not mammographically screened. This technology also facilitates easy transmission of the images to another specialist for viewing and that too in few minutes.

Allengers state-of-the-art full field digital mammography system uses a big format (24cmx30cm) amorphous selenium direct conversion detector for high resolution images. The high frequency generator enables minimum soft radiation. The fully isocentric gantry provides effortless motorised movements having a lower gantry position for wheel chair patients.

This technology converts X-rays to electronic images of the breast which can be viewed, optimised and stored on a computer. This technology also produces incredibly sharp digital images.

The latest being Allengers Digital Mammography FairyDR, also called Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM), is a mammography system in which the X-ray film is replaced by solid-state detectors that convertsX-rays into electrical signals. The electrical signals are used to produce images of the breast that can be seen on a computer screen or printed on special film. The software in the Allengers FairyDR makes it possible to mark suspicious findings in the breast and receive a more precise image. The digital development enables better penetration and consequently, improved diagnosis. The largest motivator for healthcare facilities to adopt Allengers FairyDR is its potential to reduce costs associated with processing, managing and storing films.

Just like mammography, X-ray of the breast tissue is also an effective way to detect breast cancer in its earliest stage. This technology can detect breast changes long before they can be felt, giving one more choice in treatment option and a greater chance of survival.

Digital radiography is ready to emerge from its development phase and Allengers is always on the path to develop user friendly innovative medical equipment at unmatched prices and services thereby giving ‘Total Value for Money’ and ‘Satisfaction’. And with more requirement (demand vs supply) equations, access to such improved imaging modalities will improve. Also Allengers’ objective is to be recognised as a premier Indian medical equipment manufacturing company at world level for its quality and commitment.

With the launch of RollX DR, a fully integrated cost effective Mobile DR, Allengers has added another feather to its cap. This unique model was launched during IRIA 2013 at Indore where it received good feedback especially due to its light weight and sleek design. This mobile wonder also operates on a standard wall socket (15 Amps / 230 Volt) and has an option with either wired or wireless flat panel detector. Through this model the user can now further have access to procure a state-of-the-art Mobile DR system at lower cost but with the facilities which truly would assist him now and in the future.

HF as it is called is High Frequency, which has revolutionised radiography has become the industry standard. This HF X-ray system has an advanced X-ray generator, more efficient than the previous 2 pulse (Line Frequency) Conventional X-ray generators.

This HF modality of Allengers medical equipment are MARS series of HF X-ray machines which are specialised models for general radiography and fluoroscopy applications.

  • The major HF advantages are:
  • Lower radiation doses
  • Diagnostic precision
  • High quality images
  • Reduced exposure time
  • Longer X-ray tube life and greater efficiency
  • Because of the increased consistency of the X-ray beam there is less scatter, as such the image quality is improved

These HF X-ray systems are the latest next generation X-ray systems and are an ideal substitute to the conventional X-ray systems especially in high throughput areas.

Technology is the single most important consideration when investing in a new X-ray system. So, technologically the high energy output efficiency drives the X-ray tube to produce greater mR per mAs resulting in:

  • Upto 50-60 per cent shorter exposure time
  • Lower patient dose and beneficial for technician too
  • Consistent imaging quality

The outcome is a higher quality image with greater detail and greater contrast is achieved as compared to a conventional X-ray system.

To demonstrate its commitment towards mankind for providing word class technology medical diagnostics products at affordable prices. Allengers also ventured into cardiac, monitoring, neuro and critical care segments by establishing state-of-the-art R&D house.

Within a short span of time Allengers has introduced Single Channel, 3-Channel, PC-ECG, TMT, EEG, EMG, POLYSOMNOGRAPH and vital sign multipara monitors.

The Allengers Libra-Plus series of Multipara monitors are powered with ‘ALLOXY’, an indigenously developed algorithm for Pulse oximetery, highly accurate NIBP measurement through “Suntech” technology, ECG/ Respiration/temperature and IBP measurements through indigenous technologies. Speaking of current technologies the “ALLOXY” has been developed and refined to provide accurate “SpO2” measurements in ICU, O.T. conditions as per specifications of International Standard ISO 80601-2-61:2011

The ‘Libra-Plus’ has undergone stringent clinical trials for more than one year under different conditions, environments and demographics and tested on various types of populations before it is launched in market. The ‘Libra-Plus’ is modular in design with separate modules for SpO2, NIBP, ECG/ Respiration/ Temperature, IBP and side stream/ low flow/ mainstream EtCO2.

Such a kind of technology is always user friendly and after sale cost is much lower than single board technology. As such these monitors have become an in-dispensable tool in all medical facilities in order to measure a patients vital signs and to display the data so obtained.

Allengers has also come up with a new series of cathlabs, namely the : NEW ‘F’ & ‘M’ SERIES

Allengers is the only company giving contemporary Flat panel technology in mobile cathlabs.

This all new mobile cathlab series comes along with Super ‘C’ for the better and faster access of all the angles and above all Super ‘C’ allows the head side entry of the patient.

Allengers' new 'Fixed' & 'Mobile' series is also equipped with the latest synergy software for enhanced image quality. This new series is also having better aesthetics with new foot end controller for software interface, radiation free preview collimation, for radiation free collimator application and non contact proximal sensors for patient safety even in mobile cathlabs.

The other series of Allengers C-arms which are witnessing great demand are its HF Series and recently a trolley less C-arm has also been developed with an integrated trolley concept. Another model of Allengers C-Arm with LDHD technology is using the 50 KHz Frequency for better safety.

Allengers has always been in the forefront in exploring newer options and creating specimens of great work and application. The company is committed to improving health through excellence in image based patient- care by providing the medical equipment at an affordable price to various medical facilities in India and abroad. It encourages you to visit their website www.allengers.com to learn more about our products and services.

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