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Avantgarde solutions from Asiatic Medical Group

The company boasts of an eclectic offering for healthcare facilities in terms of hospital infrastructure

HEstablished in 1999-2000 by Hemal Joshi, a techno-managerial Founder and CEO in India, Asiatic group has steadily grown over the years in terms of solutions provided, geographical reach, infrastructure and know-how. Today, it combines talents and skills of a number of highly qualified professionals in fields of engineering, management, medicine, finance and architecture not only from India but also from countries like US, Europe and Singapore to form the core of what is Asiatic Group today.

Digitally Modular OT Digitally Integrated Cath Lab

It offers a wide range of solutions and possibilities to cater to existing and future needs of a healthcare facility in terms of ‘infrastructure’, in terms of planning, designing, infection control, health it, equipment, systems, consumables, spares not only in implementation, but also for maintenance and upgradation. In short, they are always able to provide some sort of solution for a healthcare facility during its entire life cycle starting from planning till execution, operational, expansion and upgradation stages.

DIigitally Integrated ICU Digitally Integrated Radiology

Organisations typically have a particular set of skills e.g. manufacturing, distributing, maintaining, etc but we are proud to possess skills combining all the above sets thanks to almost 15 years of experience in healthcare industry and combining talent pools possessing above skill sets.

Here’s a brief idea of what the company can do…….

  • v “Truly Modular” (customisable, upgradable) Healthcare IT solutions for
  • Operation Theatre Complex: (Digitally Integrated OTs in terms of Video Capture, Streaming, Storing and Broadcasting, PACS II for long term storage, Integration with HIS / CIS / RIS / Radiology PACS, etc.
  • Radiology: (Enterprise level PACS, RIS, Teleradiology, 3D Workstations)
  • Cardiology: CIS, Cath Lab Hemodynamic Data Monitoring, Capturing, and Storing ERP Solutions, Networking, HIS, Barcoding, RFID, Access control, CCTV Monitoring, etc
  • “Truly Modular” (flexible, upgradable) operation theatres in terms of infection control, digital integration, interiors, equipment, etc advanced equipment and consumable solutions for operation theatre, radiology
  • ‘Highly customised’ solutions for medical equipment and systems, speciality consumables related to above specialties
  • “Maintenance” and “post sales service support” (in terms of service contract, spares, accessories) not only of above solutions provided by us but also of third party solutions* for above specialities already existing in hospitals (* select cases)

In short, talk to the company about your needs for above departments, and they will find a solution for you within your budget, specifications and expectations….

So, come explore the possibilities and solutions they can offer!

Contact Details:
Hemal Joshi
Founder & CEO
Asiatic Medical Group
Tel: (0261) 6457323
Mob: 9825204267
Email: info@asiaticmedical.in / asiaticmedical@hotmail.com
Website: asiaticmedical.in

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  • The magnitude of the problem of chronic diseases (NCDs) in India is substantial and is growing
  • Becoming sedentary is giving birth to NCDs
  • India is the largest exporter of doctors and healthcare workers
  • We want to be diabetes care capital of the world
  • Our public health infrastructure is not commensurate with the population
  • Indians do not consider healthcare as a priority
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